Memory & Kitchen Implements

I was really close to both of my grandmothers and I’m lucky enough to have inherited quite a bit from both of them. I’m not just talking about the nurture/nature stuff like my ability to improvise around a recipe or ingredient (thanks, Granny) or my need to make lists and organize everything (thanks, Mamere). But actual mundane physical items.

I use my Granny’s incredibly seasoned cast iron skillet multiple times per week for almost everything. And tonight I used my Mamere’s weirdo whisk (sort of a bouncy whisk but not exactly) to whip up my cheese sauce for the old mac-n-cheese standby. But it doesn’t stop with my family, I also use E’s grandmother’s colander which I love because it is super heavy duty aluminum.

Using the same implements that these great women did to prepare food is a physical connection to mine & E’s histories.

If your grandmothers are still with you, give them a hug from me.


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