And then there were 50

This is blog post #50! Imagine that. And in only 2 1/2 months.

You’ve seen lots of pictures of Sienna (because she’s a beauty) and of my shoes (because I’m obsessed). Also the beginnings of my LJ archives project…which are copied & scheduled all the way through December at the moment and I’m not out of 2005.

I’ve told my same old stories (and maybe some new ones). I’ve shown a couple of my long time obsessions (muppets, Queen) I’ve remembered my dearly departed and publicly harassed my cousin (again).

Speaking of Lucy Glib, I’m pretty sure she’s the only family member besides E that knows I’m writing. Mostly, I think my brothers won’t care (or in the case of bro4 that I’m just being extra weird), but I wonder if my Mom would read with virtual red pen in hand as if I were back in high school and she was proofreading my term papers. I know some of you have been discovered by your family. I wonder how that will feel…

In any event, I’m pleased that I’ve come up with content. Yes, it’s often silly or ridiculous but so am I. I’m also getting better with starting my posts without sounding that I’ve been interrupted mid-conversation which seems to be my preferred narrative form.

Guess once again, I’m proving I chose the right username 7 years ago.


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