Cemetery Next Door

One of the weirder things about living in New Orleans is that you may end up living in close proximity to a neighborhood cemetery. The Valence Street Cemetery isn’t really next door…but it is around the corner. I walk or drive by it almost every day.

The locked side gate (and my way in) although the front entrance is unlocked during visiting hours

My 4 year old niece asks if “that’s where the dead people live?” and I tell her yes.

tomb that looks like a house stoop; makes me want to stop & visit

I’m going to devote the next few days to photos from the cemetery (all taken by me). It’s a fascinating place. And I may have discovered some German relatives interred there.


4 thoughts on “Cemetery Next Door

    • I don’t really find cemeteries spooky…maybe the just live folks who could be lurking around. It does make me want to go check on the family crypts So many of these are in disrepair. And folks continue to be buried here.

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