Altruism & Kickstarter

Occasionally I am altruistic.  For instance, I recently helped friends move from a 2nd floor apartment on Magazine Street with only the promise of coffee (which I don’t drink) and lunch.  And I try to donate to charities, especially local ones (LA/SPCA & Second Harvest). But I’ve donated a few times to Kickstarter and I have to say that I really enjoy it.

Kickstarter isn’t really about charity; it’s about funding a dream. Of the six projects, I’ve supported, four have been successful and two haven’t (so no money ever changed hands).  All six have some connection to New Orleans, but only one had someone that I knew personally involved.

And I think that’s what I like about it…even though I’m not Ms. Blathering Moneybags, I can still help someone out and fulfill their dream (with others) and my contribution may be as small as $5.  Check out what’s in the works for New Orleans based projects right now.

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