King Cake Diary – 2012 ed. Episode 2

King Cakes at work have been very confused. I missed the first one since I took Epiphany off. And then I missed the 2nd one due to illness.  But lucky for me, someone else brought a 2nd cake this week.

So King Cake #4 is a traditional French style from Boulangerie.

Coincidentally, King Cake #5 is also from Boulangerie; this time NOLA style & filled with cinnamon.

Not a Baby

I got the “baby” with the first slice (under gold sugar) and this year’s baby is a black & gold fleur de lis.  Thought for sure that it was an omen for the Saints game last night. Alas, we lost anyway.  I tried to help our Boys by eating King Cake, really.



Also, I think it’s funny that my LJ flashback post last Sunday (February 2006) had lots of King Cakes listed too.


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