Conceptual Costumes

Vision in Purple 2010

We were talking the other night about costuming for Mardi Gras (or Halloween) and I mentioned that many of costumes are conceptual rather than concrete. In the last few years, I’ve been a Vision in Purple, the Spirit of Carnival, Show Me Da Money… you get the idea.

And even when I start with a concrete idea, like Pirate, it occasionally veers off into oddballville. The thought struck me today that I should blame Buffy. Ever since the episode where you became your Halloween costume perhaps I’ve been concerned that I’ll turn into a more concrete costume. Of course, I could always do what the characters did at a college Halloween party and dress as James Bond and God.

OK. I can’t really blame Buffy since I’ve been doing the random costume bits off and on for years. But it’s nice to geek out to Buffy episodes now and again.


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