Blast from the past: LJ September 2006

September 1st, 2006 09:16 am
stupid water leaks
So after only being back in our library for about 2 months, one of the restrooms in our stacks decided to leak water (don’t worry it was clean) all over the place. And it happened on a Saturday afternoon. If it had been 1 hour later, we would not have discovered the leak until Monday morning. As it is, the water poured out all over our new carpeting and underneath multiple sets of shelving. Our shelving is modular and made of metal. We will need to move 11 full ranges of journals so that the facilities folks can dis-assemble the shelving and dry underneath it.

Good times.

***Oh and it took facilities all week to get back to us as to what they were going to do, so we’re starting this project on the Friday of a holiday weekend**

September 6th, 2006 11:47 am
small world
Sometimes NOLA is way too small…
I went to a CE class yesterday at large hospital nearby. The woman sitting next to me recognized me and introduced herself as the daughter of a good friend of my parents. After chatting for a bit about her mother’s health, the woman told me that she babysat me and my three older brothers when I was an infant. Weird

So I call my Mom last night to tell her the story (and to make sure that she knew her friend was in the hospital) and she told me that brother #2 called her to tell her that her recently traded in vehicle was purchased by his co-worker. The co-worker knew it was my Mom’s car because she had left her service record folder for the new owner. Random.

September 11th, 2006 12:56 pm
damn monopolies
My dealings with Cox on Saturday and today (1 in person, 2 phone calls, 2 internet/email) just prove that monopolies are an evil, evil thing.

10:06 pm
despite my new found disdain for monopolies
I know have the evil cox high speed internet. Yes, that’s right, please welcome me to the 21st century. Now I just have to unpack the wireless router and get it set up. Maybe tomorrow.

September 12th, 2006 01:25 pm
We finished moving the 20-25K volumes so that the carpet can be dried under the shelving. It only took 7-8 of us 8 days to move it all. Now we wait for the facilities folks to show up and actually finish the job. Then we can move it all back again.

September 13th, 2006 04:01 pm
when my room smelled like a zoo
At one point in my childhood, I had over 20 gerbils. I don’t think I really understood the breeding propensity of rodents. My room often smelled like a zoo (or so my mother said because my gamey child-self never noticed).

What casts my mind back to my stinkier, younger self? Cute Overload, of course.

The best thing about having a herd of gerbils was experimenting with foods. Watching them cram entire grapes, fight over popcorn, and lap at brandy. Good times.

September 14th, 2006 12:07 pm
Inspired by Log:
The other night I dreamed that I was asleep in my old twin from my parents’ house except that it was in the office of my house. I woke up because a masked, costumed man who was riding in a streetcar was swinging some of my clothes around over his head. He had picked the clothes up from the side of my bed. I told him to put my clothes down. And he started making fun of me for being asleep. I looked around and realized that my house was full and that there were folks sitting on my bed with me all watching the parade that the masked man was in. I told the reveler that I was allowing the parade to go through my house so that they had to respect my wishes. He apologized and put my clothes down. He said that they would try to keep the noise of the parade down so that I would be able to sleep. I told him not to worry because I can sleep through anything. And I went back to sleep.

September 19th, 2006 01:48 pm
a short library-related rant
Last Monday night (after 9 p.m.) the network folks instituted a new firewall protocol that broke the connection to the computer program that we use to receive ILLs (Ariel to the library folks). I scrambled on Tuesday morning to change the settings on the program, test it, and then published our new firewall friendly IP address. EXCEPT that it wouldn’t work with a couple of libraries because they were behind the firewall. So a week of testing ensued, with me explaining to the network guy how the program worked and why his creative solutions were impossible.

8 days later, we reverted back to our old program settings and I had to re-publish the old addresses. And we’ll play the whole game again in about a month.

September 20th, 2006 09:43 am
how about a little opium?
I had to pull a journal from 1784 from our rare books room for a patron. The article needed was “on the murderous tendencies of bastard children.” But my favorite titles were:
Two cases of dropsy successfully treated with moderate doses of opium.

Case of a feather or pen, twelve inches in length, which was fortunately extracted from the esophagus of a man who had put it into his throat to excite vomiting, and had let it slip down.

Case of recover from apparent death, in consequence of taking a large dose of opium.

September 24th, 2006 01:09 pm
38 & 39
Only two books read in September, I’m slacking. I think I’ll blame lethargy and the new TV season.

#38 – French Quarter Fiction a book of short stories based on our fair city. Some of the stories, I loved; some I didn’t understand (I think I’m not cool/with it); and some I thought were stupid. Sometimes I feel like everyone is so distracted by the easy surface NO stuff that they never look any further.

#39 – the Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde. I loved Fforde’s 1st book, the Eyre Affair, but this book is 2 in his other series, a Nursery Crime. Jack Spratt has to recapture his nemesis the Gingerbread Man, solve the disappearance of Goldilocks, deal with Punch & Judy moving next door, and Caliban living in his closet. Loved the whole thing. Warning, must love puns and British humor to read.

September 25th, 2006 08:06 pm
The energy downtown was intense today. It was like Mardi Gras. People wandering around in costume (and a little drunk).

And then I’m listening to Jim & Hokie on the way back from bringing LEM to the airport and I burst into tears as soon as I heard Allen vamp into the Star-Spangled Banner. I had not randomly burst into tear in some time, so I wasn’t ready for it.

September 26th, 2006 09:52 am
silly doggy
Sienna woke me up at 4 a.m. because it was time to go in the yard. When we walked this morning it took 20 minutes to go to blocks. I guess everything smells better in this GORGEOUS weather.

September 27th, 2006 02:02 pm
a Hostess Ding Dong with lunch means a total irreversible food coma within 1 hour. So much for productivity.

03:15 pm
53 weeks later
LEM realized over the weekend that we missed the “anniversary” of our first trip back into New Orleans. We made it into the city on Sunday, September 18th with an illicit pass supplied by brother #2.

It’s hard to think back to that day…the creepiness of the empty city, the destruction of LEM’s apartment and stuff, the squishiness of our front yard. We didn’t even stop to think. We just started working. It was so hot and stinky. The bizarro-world feeling of armed military patrols walking down the street. The relief of finding the house mostly in tact, with only roof damage and a few inches of flood waters in the house.

It’s been a long year and feels like its been 5. The home repairs aren’t finished. But as we were talking about last year, we were in our house, on our new sofa, and enjoying the A/C. So we’re definitely grateful.

On my block, three houses still stand empty; the other 10 are occupied. Two are being renovated at an astonishingly slow pace, but they are both rentals. The last one is the huge hulking house on the corner that was initially condemned by the city. The old man who owns it still comes by and putters around, but who knows what will happen with it.

In the next block or two, houses are just being gutted. When I walk Sienna towards the lake a few blocks it’s a totally different world then when I walk her towards the river (north & south respectively for non-new orleanians). I’m just lucky to be on the border.

06:24 pm
I just read an interview on and Lara from Project Runway is originally from New Orleans. Now I want to know where she lived and went to school. Am I becoming a stalker?


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