Crazy Family Conversations: Dad & NOLA restaurants

Last year my Mom and Dad and two of my brothers went to a fancy restaurant in New Orleans with a well known (but not celebrity) chef. While dining, in walks a famous chef and family and, of course, the owner of the fancy restaurant comes out to greet the famous chef.

So far so good with this story; it sounds like a minor local celebrity sighting, proving that you were eating in a well respected spot…but then it got odd.

My Dad says, “then I knew we were in for it.” And I ask, “what does that mean?” repeatedly. Finally it comes out, my Dad knows that fancy chef will comp famous chef and family’s meal.

OK, so what?

My Dad is convinced that to recoup the loss that fancy chef then spreads the cost of that meal to all other diners eating in the fancy restaurant that night. I said, “Weren’t there prices on the menu? Couldn’t you compare the items on the bill to be sure?” My father informed me that I was missing the point about how business is done.

I think my Dad is crazy.


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