“a season of the already and the not yet”

As soon as I saw the grooms walking down the aisle, I started tearing up. Then during the homily, given by the Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in Chicago, I full on started crying. I started crying again today, as I read it to E.

I’m not usually the weepy one at weddings…I remember laughing at one of my brother’s weddings when all the other bridesmaids were crying. (Of course, I was just excited that he was moving out of our parents’ house and we wouldn’t have to share a bathroom any longer.)

But this ceremony…not a wedding but a solemnization, a blessing…was different. (For another view of the evening, read my cousin’s blog post; I was glad to share the evening with her too.)

I’ve known one of the grooms since junior high and we attended school together all the way through college. Proximity and time creating a friendship, especially after he and E met in college and then worked together on Episcopal church activities after. We met the other groom because of the first and what a wonderful man he is. The challenges they have faced over the last decade have been varied and the grace with which they’ve faced them? Inspiring.

Their story is not unique, but has become personal to me because they are in my heart. People who love so beautifully should be able to choose to have all the legal protections/restrictions that marriage offers. It’s that simple.


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