Ramblings about Hubig’s Pies

The fire this morning at the Hubig’s Pie Factory got me and my coworkers talking about our various memories surrounding the pies.  Hubig’s pies are just one of those New Orleans institutions that have always been around.  So here’s my ramblings…

When I was in college one of my friends was friends with the family who owned the company and going to their house was a joy…all you can eat Hubig’s in every flavor. Amazing.  The son who owns it now may have still been in college, or just finishing back then.

About 10 years ago, a local iron-on tshirt company in town licensed the Pie Man logo and for years I proudly wore my brown tshirt with orange pie man which said chocolate on the back. I’m pretty sure I bought presents for family of a sweet potato (on goldenrod shirt) and strawberry (red, duh) shirts from the same folks.  Then Hubig’s started selling shirts from their website and at local festivals.  I know I gave a couple of brothers the HuDat shirt. And I received a Mardi Gras pie shirt (which is enormous) as a birthday gift…and I think my teen niece slept in it a couple of weeks ago.

When I bought the HuDat shirts, I picked them up at the factory in the Marigny and got to go inside. The office was up a narrow staircase and the office was overflowing with papers. I feel lucky that I got to go inside now…

My final bit of Hubig’s related rambling…my whole family was down in Grand Isle in October…maybe around 2006. And I bought every flavor of Hubig’s pie that I could find: apple, banana, chocolate, lemon, peach, pineapple, sweet potato (maybe). I know the berry flavors were all out of season and so unavailable. We did a taste test and put ourselves into a bit of a sugar coma, but it was really fun.

Fun final fact: I once found 2(!) of the elusive blackberry flavor at Dorignac’s and gobbled one down and gave the other to my Dad. Delicious!

I hope Hubig’s is back soon…


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