Worst dinner I ever made

The package of portabellas looked fine when I pulled them out of the refrigerator.  They didn’t feel slimy or anything so I went ahead with my planned recipe, mushroom quesadillas.  E was outside…doing something.  I have pan seared the mushrooms, oiled the tortillas, grated the cheese and was assembling the dish to run in the oven when he came inside.  He immediately asked “what is that awful smell?”  Since I was having massive allergy issues, I couldn’t smell a thing.  Turns out the mushrooms may have looked and felt fine but they definitely didn’t smell that way.  Dinner went in the garbage and we went out instead.

Morale of this story? Don’t cook when you can’t smell your ingredients.


2 thoughts on “Worst dinner I ever made

  1. Uggggh. Nothing worse. I remember hitting up some salmon leftovers recently. It had only been two days — I thought it would be okay. Upon the first taste, I began retching. So not okay! And don’t get me started on the past-their-prime sesame noodles I attempted to eat. Perhaps we both need my Dad to make us calligraphed “When in doubt, throw it out!” memorial MOH stickers.

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