King Cakes 2013 – Week 1

It’s King Cake season in New Orleans (otherwise known as carnival season) and this year the dates are from January 6th/Epiphany to February 12th/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Carnival Day.

I cheated a little this week and started my King Cake tasting with a homemade version from my Mom on January 5th (or Epiphany vigil as my uncle/godfather called it). The occasion was visiting family who would leave the next day. A tasty and love filled version to start the year…even if my Mom did have to stab every piece to hunt for the baby for the littlest niece who was desperate for it.

2013-1: Mom’s basic recipe: she uses her bread machine to knead the dough and it’s a bit too vigorous so while Mom’s cakes are tasty, they can be a bit tough.

2013-2: Haydel’s basic: super fresh and delicious. I could have lived without all the icing though.

2013-2.1: Another Haydel’s basic: This one had even more icing than the last. I had to cut it all off.


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