King Cakes 2013 – Week 2

It’s King Cake season in New Orleans (otherwise known as carnival season) and this year the dates are from January 6th/Epiphany to February 12th/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Carnival Day.

2013-3: Winn Dixie strawberry filled. Verdict? Acceptable. I’m normally not a big fan of filled since the filling often doesn’t really complement the bread portion. The strawberry in this king cake was the consistency of strawberry syrup. And while I prefer a jammy filling, at least it didn’t have a chemical taste.

2013-4: la Boulangerie New Orleans style chocolate filled. Verdict? Yummy.  They use the same filling that’s in their crossants, so it’s nice and dark and almost bitter…which means my little nieces didn’t like it. But the 5 year old loved the porcelain chicken “baby” and immediately claimed it.

2013-5: mystery Randazzo’s plain: by the slice from a coffee shop. Verdict? Good. You’re always taking a risk with the by the slice option. It’s often better for me NOT to have a whole king cake in my house, but slices can be stale. This one wasn’t. BUT if you’re going to sell by the slice, make sure all slices are even. Jeez.

2013-6: Whole Food berry chantilly filled: by the slice again. Verdict? m’eh.  I’m not sure why this variety didn’t work for me. Normally I like that WF uses large crystal sugar for a satisfying crunch. Maybe it was too much icing (especially at breakfast) or maybe the flavors were just out of balance. I’ll go with the plain next time.


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