Carnival safety

I’ve had a draft in my posts list since last carnival season…it was my reminder to post about “appropriate” carnival behavior. For the non-New Orleanians that may sound funny since the perception is that anything goes at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. And compared to other places, that may not be too far off.

However, time and place, people. There are actual laws that govern carnival both for float riders and attendees. The Mayor did issue a press release last month…but it will mostly be ignored, except for all the towing & parking tickets, a major revenue source.

So while I could rail about do’s and don’ts,here’s the short version: Do unto others. It’s simple & it works. If you wouldn’t like someone breaking bottles on your sidewalk/peeing on your car/blocking your driveway then don’t do it at my house.

I’m also linking to awesome advice/op-ed pieces from some folks around town who are more eloquent and less tired than myself. From Jean-Paul Villere & Uptown Messenger, Do’s and Don’ts; From the Library Chronicles, Keep the Neutral Ground Neutral; and from the Gambit, the Ladder Control Problem.

Besides it’s time for me to run out the door and go catch Druids & Nyx.

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