King Cakes 2013 – Week 5

It’s King Cake season in New Orleans (otherwise known as carnival season) and this year the dates are from January 6th/Epiphany to February 12th/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Carnival Day.

2013-11: Freret Street Poboys and Donuts plain; Verdict: solid. I’m always hesitant about donut shop king cakes as they are often giant donuts. Since this one looked good and I could by a small, I figured why not. The look was so braided (or whatever) that was I almost hoping for an apple fritter dough (which is not traditional but I like apple fritters). It was standard brioche dough with a lot of cinnamon. Quite tasty while fresh

2013-12 a,b,c: Hi Do Bakery plain, cream cheese filled and apple filled; Verdict: delicious. Hi Do is always worth a trip to the other side of the river.  A friend and I got three different varieties and all were tasty. I’m not big on cream cheese so I had to scoop some of the filling out then it was perfect. The apple filling is nice and chunky and has a good density to the apples (not mushy) but my favorite is still the plain.


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