Living up to my user name…

Update: My awesome niece sent this photo of my grandparents at their wedding. It still hangs in their forever house, where my oldest brother and his family still live.

Pop & Mamere 1938

Pop & Mamere 1938

Lots of life changes for me over the last several months so I haven’t been posting too much, except y’know on my usual obsessions of art, food, music, New Orleans.

Also I communicate *ALOT* on twitter, and I’m not sure why my twitter feed isn’t working on this site right now. Something to figure out on another day.  But here’s what I’ve been up to today:

  • Texting with my older flower niece on the recent death of her pet hedgehog who was taken too young.
  • Texting with a friend regarding his grandfather’s latest health issue and impending need to go into a nursing home.
  • Texting with a different friend regarding his sister’s recent fall in the French Quarter.
  • G-Chat harassing my cousin/younger-sister-designate.
  • Tweet conversations with various friends in real life & online only from New Orleans to Dublin (Ireland that is).
  • Communicating with still another friend about home improvement, company recommendations and his purchase of a linen suit (via text, twitter DM, and twitter).

The linen suit conversation made me think of my Pop who died in 1974; he was my mother’s father. So here’s a series of tweets that I sent out:

  • My grandparents were married in 1938 when they were both over 30 (OLD)! They couldn’t be married at St. Stephen’s b/c my Pop was protestant.
  • So they were married in the front room of Mamere’s house on Camp St. Pop were a bright white linen suit and Mamere wore a brown dress…
  • She was considered too old to wear a white dress that was for “young” brides.If that house on Camp ever comes up for sale, I want it…
  • My great-grandmother sold it in the 1950s. There have only been 2 owners since, I think. Thanks for reading
  • My final thought on Pop’s white linen suit; years later he GLOWS in the photo and the rest is fading. My Mamere thought this was funny. #fin

Oh and I’m working too. AND avoiding typing up performance reviews…


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