Made up band names

My HS friend, Dave, published a post about his made up band which existed in his mind in late high school/early college. And while I’ve never had an imaginary band…well except for Athena & the Goddesses which evolved because my friends and I were wearing togas at school (in HS) and decided to do a Supremes style routine…for the record I was back up, definitely NOT lead.  Maybe it was a spirit day activity?

Anyway I still amuse myself by creating band names…and the type of music they would play.  The most recent was my punk band, Inexplicable Affliction. I heard the phrase and knew instantly it should be a band.

About 6 weeks ago in the wee hours (maybe 3 or 4 am),  I was hanging in an awesome dive bar in New Orleans, Brothers III and gave this name out to my friends. A little while later one of the regulars came up to me and said, “so you’re in a punk band, huh?” Please note that because of earlier festivities I was dressed in harlequin purple, green & gold shorts, tights, a carnival themed tshirt and a sparkley sequin carnival colored tiara…so not very punkish.  I told him that I just liked to make up band names.

After that each time that I passed him in narrow bar, he would say, “hehe Inexplicable Affliction.” I’m glad that on occasion my silly amusements entertain someone else.

And then I wandered over to the French bakery that had just opened to get pastry and go to bed.


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