It’s that time again…

for the self-reflective anniversary post (here’s the one from 2012 and one of my first posts in 2011). As I’ve said before July is definitely my anniversary month, but the actual day I started writing…who knows. My best day ever is still my launch day on July 27, 2011.

This post should be just shy of 350 (it’s #348 to be preciese). I’ve really been enjoying my Arty Tuesday posts. And this summer’s Burning Ring of Fire posts have kept me entertained. Two posts that I’m quite proud of (and they are in my top 10 for hits in the last year) are my post about Stuffed Mirlitons and the one about MisQuotes on the Internet…of course, all included are various Mr. Bingle posts, because who doesn’t love him?

We’ll see where the next year takes me…Thanks for playing along.


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