ramblings on Top Chef

I’ve been debating with myself over whether or not to write up some posts about Top Chef: NOLA. If you follow my twitter feed, you know I’ve been a TC fan since season one, winner Harold…

Rather than recaps, I’ll probably just write up my impressions and thoughts on the ingredients, how my city is portrayed and then background on any of the venues. I will probably make fun of the cheftestants too. Or at least that’s the plan.

My impressions of Top Chef and its first 10 seasons:

  1. Location: San Francisco…which I had to look up. I don’t remember the city playing a huge part in the landscape of the show. While the show was choppy, the basics were there: quick fires & elimination challenges, celebrity chef judges (and my introduction to Hubert Keller who is my celebrity chef crush now), villain cheftestants and “chefs” who are completely out of their league.
  2. Location: Los Angeles…is this the season that included LA traffic as a problem for chefs or am I thinking of the dessert show? Others love this season for the drama; I’m not such a fan. I watch the show for the food and the creativity. Also I really cannot watch Marcel speak to this day without wanting to slap him. Also, the winner seems almost by accident. Season 2 does replace Billy Joel’s ex-wife with Padma who seems like a really fun woman to party with.
  3. Location: Miami…and the change in scenery does lead to more bathing suited scenes but I loved this season; maybe it was the change from the west coast, or maybe this is the first season to feature a bunch of Southern chefs. Favorite moment: Tom busting out laughing at Hung’s speed in dismembering chickens during the mise-en-place race.
  4. Location: Chicago…and the opening challenge is deep dish pizza which is at least more applicable to Chicago (I think) than the opening NOLA challenge…but I’m getting ahead of myself. Favorite moment: Tom being told that the Bear community loves him and Gail having to explain to him what a bear is…which I’ve had to explain to my mother. Thanks gay-friendly world.
  5.  Location: NYC…and the season goes downhill because of the need to focus on two of the chefs hooking up. Is this the Real World? Favorite moment: Finale in New Orleans, of course, especially part 2 since they feature a King Cake (which I love).
  6. Location: Las Vegas…and as much as I loved (or loved to hate) the Voltaggio brothers; I really didn’t like the money part of this episode. Win & you get $100 grand from a casino. It just felt icky, although I’m sure the cheftestants appreciated the cash. Favorite moment: Breakfast in bed with Nigella & Padma. Damn. Those women could turn a gay man straight and a straight woman gay.
  7. Location: Washington, DC…which felt awkward trying to match up cheftestants and politicians. Loved Tiffany, disliked Angelo. Favorite moment: Concession challenge at the baseball game.
  8. Location: NYC…this was the all-stars season, created so Richard could win. Favorite moment: Jimmy Fallon challenge. It felt very old school Johnny Carson.
  9. Location: Texas…dang this season made many Texans look like jerks; I’m hoping New Orleans/Louisiana fares better. Hated the progressive dinner party elimination challenge because I would never want to cook for OR eat with those people. LOVED Chef John Besh’s expression when eating with them.  Favorite moment: Grayson’s many inappropriate statements, including “jam out with our clams out.”
  10. Location: Seattle…and I barely remember this season even though it’s the most recent. I did like the celebrity home coming party and that the chefs have definitely considered how they are portrayed and how that will affect their future careers.  Favorite moment: Sheldon playing the ukulele.

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