Top Chef: NOLA episode 2 – Gumbo fiasco!

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way immediately. I LOVE Leah Chase. She is a local gem; please go read the chapter on her in Spoon Fed by Kim Serverson. Also, she reminds me of my Mamere who would have been 106 this week. I guess, black or white, Creole ladies of a certain age have a certain air.

Next VERY important thing to mention is again the confusion of Creole & Cajun food. Y’all are killing me.

Even local Chef Justin says gumbo has to have a dark roux. Yeah, no. I had a long chat with my Uncle about this last week. Creole gumbo is often seafood based and needs a more delicate (lighter) roux. Miss Leah would cook a creole style gumbo…which naturally is my preferred style. If you’re in NOLA (or coming for a visit), my current favorite gumbo, to the point of addiction, is Casamento’s.  If we were in the fantasy realm, I would love to have my Granny’s gumbo again too, but that kind of goes without saying.

Now that I’m done with that…let’s address the rampant asshattedness in this episode. Surfer pretty boy, do not curse in Leah Chase presence or vicinity. Show some respect.  I’m also disappointed in “local” Michael.  Part of becoming a local (at least to me), is embracing an attitude and manners. Michael seems like he’s hell bent to show “personality” so mostly he seems to be trying to angle for his own show…. but what has he done to deserve one besides be a toddler who is demanding camera time?

Finally the most awesome thing in this episode, thanks to Leah Chase of course, “the Pope quit, but I had to keep going.” Testify.



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