Top Chef: NOLA episode 3 – the palace

My only comment about the quickfire regards kale. Guess what? There are other greens, collards or mustards or turnip or even swiss chard.

I love how gracious cousins Lally & Ti Brennan are. I’ve met Lally a couple of times and she definitely treats everyone that way. I was at one of the Brennan restaurants when there was mishap with a display and a woman had food & drink spilled on her. Meals were comped; they offered to pay her dry cleaning bill; it was really impressive, especially since it was a silly accident.

I was so sad when they were talking about Jamie Shannon‘s food. I remember when he passed. He was really well thought of in NOLA and mentored many young chefs around town. Chef Tory McPhail said that he wished they had left an empty chair for him at the dinner which I must admit makes me a little weepy just typing this. Commander’s is advertising a fall version of the TV menu (but expanded) for $90…at least according to their twitter feed.

Michael adds to his asshat reputation by throwing pickled okra off a plate. I love pickled okra so am double pissed at him. His behavior is sinking him in my book.

Final two thoughts: I really need to go eat at Commander’s again soon. AND Cheftestant commercials are SUPER awkward and lame.


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