Top Chef: NOLA episode 4 – Team Westbank!

Episode 4 and maybe I’m finally figuring out a few of these chefs. The early episodes are always tough because there are just too many people.  I agree with Hugh Acheson‘s assessment, if you come off like a jerk on TV…it’s probably not editing; you actually behaved that way. Obviously, I know who the two NOLA based chefs are, and pinup girl Sara stands out because of her look, and there’s Carlos with his Michelin star, his movie star looks, and Nina from St. Lucia, and Shirley the Chinese energizer bunny, and then there’s the short haired girl who won, the young Daddy, Captain Vietnam who has Yellow Fever (and not the kind I usually talk about), and the guy who was on TC Masters who wants to be gay Top Chef…and the rest (like the Professor and Maryann). See I’m figuring them out…sort of.

No quick fire this time which I missed. But the places they drove around on the Westbank were spot on. For a local rundown, check out this article from the local paper (I don’t care about their digital nonsense; they are still the local paper despite the owners’ idiocy). It makes me laugh that Dave Walker quotes Tom Fitzmorris regarding Pho, since as recently as 2010 he said he didn’t get the Pho craze. I’ll link to another local blogger who wrote about it at the time. Great job, Bouillie!

I must admit that I was jealous of their time at the shrimp docks. I spent a fair amount of time at sports fishing docks as a kid but I’ve never been to a commercial one. Plus I bet those shrimp smelled amazing-stinky.

As for the Amazingly white privileged Captain Vietnam, I’m not surprised he’s still in his 20s. His whole attitude is immature and condescending (colonial was a great description in the EW re-cap).

On to the food, I’ve never eaten a dessert (beyond the ubiquitous, and beloved by me, fortune cookie) in a Vietnamese restaurant, so the two teams that chose to make desserts puzzle me. Also I was confused by the number of dishes each team put out vs number of team members. Either I missed some exposition (entirely possible as I was also hot gluing my Halloween costume) or it was edited out.  I think the team challenges never play well to the type of chefs who go out for shows like this. Most of them want to be shining stars, not team players.

And despite being eye candy, the right person went home. What was the quote? Even Hooters’ chef can fry shrimp? Something like that.


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