Don’t Put It in Writing

My sad attempt of recreating early adolescent stationery.

My sad attempt of recreating early adolescent stationery.

I was joking with a fellow twitter user that if I call you, then I want to say something that I don’t want to put in writing. And while that’s not always true, it is sometimes.

I learned that lesson early. I wrote a letter (yes an actual letter) to a boy when I was in junior high. I don’t remember what it said…if I liked him or decided I didn’t. Probably the latter, fickle youth. But I know I wrote it on my strawberry stationery (which I have attempted to re-create for this post). The strawberries at the top were scratch -n- sniff and, yes, it had a washed red plaid/gingham pattern. I just remember regretting sending the letter afterward since putting it on paper seemed so permanent.

Y’know as I type this, I think, I asked this boy to a dance and then changed my mind. I think I decided I wanted to go by myself rather than bring “a date” from another school into the mix.

Funny how the mind works, I mostly remembered the sense of embarrassment (and really will you ever be more embarrassed by ANYTHING as your 13 year old self?) and the stationery.

Moral of the story: Don’t put things in writing (letters, emails, texts, tweets, FB posts) if you don’t want them to come back to haunt you.


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