Top Chef: NOLA episode 5 & 6 – fake vegans & product placement

I was sort of bored by these two episodes so put off writing something up.

The “Halloween” party featured a couple of my friends, including one who directed Tom Colicchio to a table…I recognized his voice since he was wearing a mask. Small aside about the venue: that space was originally built in the 90s (I think) as a casino which spent so much on decor that they went out of business pretty soon after opening. I remember brothers 2 & 3 went the last night it was open to “ogle the million dollar fake oak trees.” I can’t remember why I didn’t go too…probably because I was being lame. Mardi Gras world is putting it to excellent use.

What else? I love seeing Padma & Gail’s Moms but the aluminum foil product placement was a bit much.  Famous actress who claims to be a vegan but loves cheese so give her decadent cheesy goodness. *Yawn* I did love that Hugh was dressed up as Prince Charming. But most of the costumes looked purchased rather than created. That’s not the NOLA way. My Halloween costume was an armadillo…but that probably wouldn’t make for good TV.

Check out this synopsis from New Orleans magazine because I can’t muster anything else.

As for Episode 6, LOOK more product placement. I love cheese, but cream cheese is not my fave. Although I do have an awesome recipe involving crabmeat.

I did enjoy watching John Besh and his team of chefs. And it was cruel of the producers to showcase the deliciousness of the Creole tomato when it’s out of season.  For the record the best way to eat one, is to sprinkle it with salt & pepper and chomp away.  I did think it was interesting that they could only cook with ingredients from the farm AND cream cheese. I would be annoyed if that was the meal that I got to eat.

I did enjoy episode 7 more, so I’ll be back with that one; it was a fun game of spot the local musician.


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