Top Chef: NOLA episode 7 – spot the musician

I was glad to see Kermit Ruffins getting some national press in this episode and then they showed his daughters who I remember singing on stage with him when they were under 10. Oh my time does march on.

If I was a contestant that quickfire would have pissed me off, with the musical chairs. I am enjoying reading Annie Drummond’s synopsis over at New Orleans Magazine, so you should definitely be reading those.

I watched this episode with a friend and pointed out folks to her and told her about their backstory, if I knew it. It was good to see Charmaine looking healthy; contrariwise, damn, Davis has gained weight; Jason is looking good. And I spotted a local sousaphone player, for a list of all the folks, check out this article.  Looks like it was an awesome party. And some of that food looked tasty.

Here Kermit’s daughters sing on Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


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