Top Chef: NOLA – episode 8 – Flavonocity

I hope all these chefs freak out over Dr. John. Because they should. He was at high school (Jesuit, can you believe it) with my uncle/godfather, until he was kicked out…for singing My Ding-a-Ling at the school talent show.

Flavonocity is my new favorite word. I feel like his entire bit was outtakes. And he is looking pretty good; he actually came home to get healthy. Family sometimes is the best medicine. I love that he bewildered the chefs with his lingo. Seriously someone needs to remix his comments into a video. So awesome.  Right, hip tang, not so spicy that you lose the flavor.  This is why NOLA folks like Crystal better than Tabasco.

As for the Boucherie, I’ve never been to one. I’m a city girl and it’s a country thing. Check out the Bourdain episode that featured the same “chef.” But I can understand that you have to work together on divvying up the hog.


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