Top Chef – episode 9 – this means war!

Captain Vietnam – “gays belong in front of the house, duh.” Really do you listen to yourself, dude? Of course, he evidently did a great job so what do I know.

Restaurant wars is usually one of my least favorite episodes because it’s not about the food. It’s about the egos and the business…which I get the business is important but the egos are so annoying. Plus the struggle has become such an institution, in theory, the chefs have prepped for it. Although you’d think they would have read up on NOLA food before they arrived as preparation too. So maybe not. And judging from the trainwreck that was one team, clearly preparation doesn’t really help.

And I kind of tuned out mid-episode…I didn’t even watch to see who I might know in the background when they were shopping.  Surprisingly, I recognized none of the servers. And it was funny that they highlight that local Chef Tory McPhail was a diner but not that Chef Alon Shaya who was clearly at the same table. Sketch.

The risk of these shows is that you make the chef’s so unlikeable that no one ever wants to go to their restaurants again. Although I guess there will always be star…chasers who want to pursue the famous whether they are good people or good chefs.

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