Top Chef – episode 11 – BR bound

Another episode that I watched on demand over a week late, this time. And I’m really glad that I didn’t rush home from dinner with friends, as this episode was pretty boring. Even though I typed the following as I watched, there wasn’t a lot to stir my interest.

I wonder if the pressure is getting to the cheftestants? Or if that’s just the editing?

Why didn’t they hire a real street band instead of this theatrical thing they brought in? Precision drumming like that isn’t really our thing.

Also I wonder if they were given a list of items that are in a commercial school level cafeteria? Because why would you know that…

And for y’all that don’t know it, the drive to Baton Rouge is BORING.And obviously it’s between semesters since they have room in the dorms. Maybe this is Summer semester orientation? If it really is orientation at all.

Maybe I should start watching that Last Chance Kitchen business, but I found it boring last year and can’t see it really stirring my interest this year. And they tell you at the end of each regular episode who won last week, so….


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