Top Chef – episode 13 – country revolution

Wow this techniques challenge looks brutal and to do it for a legend like Jacques Pepin. And, yet, he is so gracious. Why the hell do they need to subtitle him though? People need to use their ears. And now they are subtitling both the other guest chefs…

Five quintessential ingredients of French & Spanish and one is chicken? Really?

Also it’s interesting that the French chef seems to be very nouveau while the Spanish chef is very traditional.

“I don’t even have a box to think in”…yeah, I feel like that often.

I will say the elimination was awful. I, for once, feel sorry for the judges..

* Quick edit to include local TP writer, Judy Walker’s article from today’s paper (yes, I know it’s online; no, I don’t care.) Wow. To sit at the master’s side & learn to chop an onion. I may be a bit starstruck.


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