Top Chef – episode 14 – Yawn…

Quickfire poboys and judged by a guy from L.A. not La.  – Whatever, but really y’all are going to do fried seafood in its homeland? That’s ballsy. And I love that Roy Choi is giving them the smackdown so points for that. And getting the ratio of smear vs filling vs bread is really important.

I will agree that charbroiled oysters are the business. I don’t usually go to Drago’s for them but they are the originators. And I’ve NEVER seen a Drago’s food truck before.

I love that Shirley is calling him Uncle Emeril.

Great to see Cafe Reconcile featured, and I’m glad they’re showing the kids sampling the food.  Quote of the night from one of the students: It’s not nasty or nothing.

I find that I have less to say as the season goes on. Maybe it’s because New Orleans is being featured less…or in a less creative way.

So maybe my plan to write about the entire season was not a good one. Oh well, live and learn.


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