Happy Easter from a swamp bunny

On Good Friday, I wandered around the trails of the Barataria Preserve with a few friends. It was a glorious day and I felt lucky to be able to relax and breathe in the air outside the city. We saw some Louisiana irises, turtles, gators, snakes and even an owl. But appropriate to this Easter weekend was a visit from this little swamp bunny. He really was fearless, which makes me worry of his long term survival.


just off the path

just off the path

just off the path



and a closeup

and a closeup

Part of my concern is because just across the pathway, was this guy…waiting for bunny snacks

baby gator

baby gator

On a church-y note, I certainly picked the correct church/service this morning. Today was the last day for an organist doing a temporary residence in New Orleans. He plays the organ at the Strasbourg Cathedral. Man, those Europeans are not timid at blowing out the pipes. The organ at the Episcopal Cathedral in New Orleans isn’t the biggest in town, but it’s a beautiful one and Tomas had it echoing out into the street, especially the improvisation that he did as walk out music. Amazing.

Happy Easter one & all. Hope your week is with fun and joy and no gators on your tail.


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