Star Bellied Sneetches

Star Bellied Sneetches making fun of a plain bellied Sneetch.

I was contemplating an art theme for December and I decided on stars.  And while I was hunting for art works that inspire or intrigue me, I couldn’t stop saying starbelliedsneetches to myself. I don’t know what it is about that phrase or those characters but I have loved both since I was a little girl.

ALTHOUGH, I would not read the book myself for awhile because one of the other stories in the book (What Was I Scared of?) is about *terrifying* empty green pants that chase a boy through the woods. Yeah. I don’t know why this was so scary.


Enjoy the animated version which was made when I was a kid but I didn’t see it until adulthood and I don’t find the animated sneetches as charming as their still page brethren.


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