King Cake Tally 2015 pt. 2

King Cake Macaroon

King Cake Macaroon

Jan. 13th – La Louisiane plain. Oh my this was freshly baked heaven, with a nice yeasty dough, crunchy sugar and not too much icing.

Jan. 15th – Dong Phuong blueberry – Last year was the first year I had a DP king cake and I remember loving it, but this cake, while good, has way to much gummy icing which I have been scraping off. A bit of a disappointment

Jan. 17th – homemade Mama Papaul’s that my mom made… I got it a few days late but still yummy if a little stale


Random non-King Cake samplings:

  1. King Cake gelato at Sucre
  2. King Cake macaroon at Sucre
  3. King Cake gelato at the Sweet Palate

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