King Cake Tally 2015 pt 4

corner sugar pool

corner sugar pool

January 27th – traditional French from Maurice’s – a little overbaked, I think, which means I only ate one piece.

January 29th – La Louisiane plain, again…and while I loved the one from January 13th this one was stale. But then again the sell by date on the top was the 28th. Check your dates!

January 31st – Dorignacs plain AND Freret Street Donuts plain AND random cream cheese/almond from a bakery in Lafayette – this is what happens when parades start and you start cruising parties. The Dorignac’s was my favorite because it was the most old school. But all were tasty.

February 1st – berry chantilly Whole Foods – the berries added a nice acid pop.

Weird not king cake of the week? King cake bagel from Humble Bagel

For those keeping score, I’m already at 11 different cakes (with 1 duplicate) and 4 random king cake adjacent items.


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