Arty Tuesday: Hearts – Beuys

This Heart piece is held a the Tate Museum. And I have to admit that I’m kind of huh? about their description:

The choice of red for this painting would seem like an obvious one, reflecting both the heart and the virtues of honour and courage of the revolutionary in the title of the piece. Red also represents socialism, a belief of Beuys which became central to his later work. However, the colour red is used sparingly and symbolically in the artist’s work, and here it makes a bold statement on life, vitality and the future. The inclusion of the round shape to represent a planet brings an astronomical element into the work.

So I’ll just say Okey-Dokey and that I am oddly moved by this image.

Passage der Zukunftplanetoiden/Hearts of the Revolution: Passage of the Planets of the Future by Joseph Beuys (1955)


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