Ferlinghetti: alive and kicking

Thanks to NPR’s Morning Edition (and my local affiliate WWNO), I learned that Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still with us in the land of the living. AND is a very sassy 96. During the piece (seriously go listen to it), they read a bit of Howl by Allen Ginsberg.

I remember when I first read that poem as a teen and how the language and the rhythm overwhelmed me…I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,
starving hysterical naked… 
I dare you to read it and remain unmoved.

I wondered if I remembered any of Ferlinghetti’s poems. And I’m going to have to check my bookshelf when I’m at home later. But I did find this poem Dog (1958) which I’m glad to have discovered new today…The dog trots freely in the street. The ending reminds me a bit of Stevie Smith’s Person from Porlock with the poem shifting rhythms.


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