King Cake Journal – 2016 – Week 1

Breaux Mart, small plain king cake

Breaux Mart, small plain King Cake

It’s time once again for my annual King Cake diary. I know y’all were missing it. This past week I did myself proud by sampling 4 different versions…I could have had a 5th but turned down 3 day old king cake that had been sitting out at work all weekend. *I know* How did I resist?

Jan. 6th – plain from Robert’s – the kickoff at work. Tasty grocery store cake that was very cinnamon-y and not too much sugar.

Jan. 7th – strawberry cream cheese from Haydel’s – sampled at my parents. Honestly, I pulled out the ribbon of strawberry cream cheese and handed it to my brother. Moist and tasty without the icky cream cheese.

Rivista - Mexican & Spanish King Cakes

Rivista – Mexican & Spanish King Cakes

Jan. 9th – Mexican and Spanish individual cakes from Rivista – these were 2 mini cakes…I hate to say personal because each was ideal for 2 people. The Mexican was a delicious brioche dough and not too sweet with yummy dried fruit on top. The Spanish was another brioche but split and layered with a yummy cream in the middle. DELICIOUS.

Jan. 9th – Plain from Breaux Mart – as I was on #auntduty, I ended up with a 3rd king cake to humor the nieces. This had way too much icing for me but was otherwise tasty. The 8 year old niece disagreed as she licked all the icing off the top.


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