King Cake Journal 2016 – Week 2


Personal King Cake – Croissant D’Or

Jan.13 – lemon filled from Rouse’s – ugh this lemon was like a chemical wash and it permeated the dough so I couldn’t scrape it out. AND it didn’t really taste like lemon.

Jan.17 – plain personal size from Croissant D’or – OMG so delicious. It was the perfect size for 2 people…or y’know one starving one.

Jan.18 – plain from Antoine’s – The salesperson was kind enough to try to find the one with the least amount of icing. It was so fresh and delicious. Antoine’s is the answer for folks who aren’t fond of all the sugar crystals. They have sprinkles instead.

Jan.19 – plain from Chez Pierre – Oh My! Finally a king cake where I actually like the icing, maybe they add a smidge of cream cheese to make it less sweet? This was a moist and delicious cake and they smell in small sizes which is getting harder to find.


Croissant D’Or personal King Cake – about to be gobbled up


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