King Cake Journal 2016 – Week 4


street king cake

Jan. 29 – Nonni Randazzo – On the parade route, mooching off of friends. I’m a rebel so the Randazzo family of king cakes aren’t my favorite but who turns down a slice?

Jan. 30 – Freret Street Donut Shop – Everyone who sampled this cake at my house over the weekend was really impressed. It was cinnamon-y and moist with just the right amount of icing. And the baby was actually baked inside which is getting harder to find these days. Now if I can just figure out who left the empty box on the counter to taunt me…

Jan.30 – Tastee Donuts/McKenzies Recipe – Thanks to my mom bringing me a nice chunk, I got to have some of this NOLA classic. Prior to McKenzie’s closure, there was a small bakery in almost every neighborhood in the GNO. And it was affordable! I remember getting snacks after school with my lunch money. And there cakes are still one of my favorites, a soft slightly sweet brioche with fine sugar only, no icing. My Mom was really disappointed that they don’t bake the baby in any longer…well really it was shoved into the underside of the cake while being decorated but close enough.

Jan. 31 – Cartozzo’s – Street king cake! While you’re at the parades, vendors are offering wandering through selling stuff…mostly personal pizzas from a national chain. But I bought the last $5 king cake from a lady on the route on Sunday. The cake was weirdly square but still tasty.

Feb.3 – Hi Do apple filled – I’m not normally a fan of filled king cakes, but the exception is this Vietnamese bakery. Their fillings are fresh and delicious but my their prices have gone up in the past couple of years.


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