King Cake Journal 2016 – Week 5

Feb.3 – Gambino’s cream cheese filled – I hit publish too soon earlier on this date. Another king cake arrived at work via courier. This cake arrived undecorated which I liked because then you can add as much (or as little) icing and sugar as you like. We all remarked that the cake looked underdone…which I think is on purpose because it takes longer to get stale in case of shipping delays. If I had received this at home, I would have definitely run it in the oven. As always I threw away the lump of cream cheese in the middle.

Feb.4 – Hi Do strawberry filled – As I said before I’m not a fan of filled king cakes but I make an exception for this bakery. The strawberry was like jam. So tasty. And of course, they are sugar only no icing.

Feb.6 – Dong Phuong traditional and unknown traditional – I went to party for Endymion and sampled both a DP and an unlabeled cake. Both were tasty but I’m still not big on the Dong Phuong icing…it has weird tongue feel. I am sorry I missed out on the Gracious Bakery satsuma king cake…one day.

Feb.9 – Party Palace traditional – these cakes are sold at area groceries and it can be a roll of the dice whether or not they’re fresh. This one was good but too much icing for me.



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