Carnival 2016 roundup

31 parades viewed. I missed 2 that parade in my area because the parades were running so late. I also missed the 2nd truck parade which I haven’t seen in years. I actually sat through 100 of the trucks which is more than any adult really needs.

21 king cakes tasted which is a lot considering how short the season was.

18 family members…plus an assortment of friends, pretend nieces & nephews and friends who should be family all hung out with. I got to see all 8 of my brothers’ children this season, including the 1st niece (who lives in Texas and is usually my unicorn) but not her new husband. I do love that parade going is still very much a family affair for me. And my Mom is still out there hardcore, and Dad enjoys the peace & quiet at home.

This early season was tough. Looking forward to a late Mardi Gras in 2017 (Feb.28th)!


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