King Cake 2017 – Week 2


King Cake donut and traditional French Kings Cake from Maurice’s

4. Home catering business – This one was made by a friend and honestly it was overkneaded. The flavor was good but the dough was tough. Oh well.

5. Traditional French from Maurice’s – I brought this over to my parents’ and my Mom said she prefers NOLA style. It was a little dry but the almond paste was very tasty.

5.5 King Cake donut from Maurice’s – how could I resist a PGG donut. So much sugar!

6. Baker Maid mini – I LOVE a mini king cake because it allows me to try even more varieties! The icing was achingly sweet but the dough was fluffy and the cinnamon flavor was subtle but definitely present. 

3. Not a typo. Another Manny Randazzo’s at work. I could peel all the icing off with no one looking so enjoyed the dough which is still really sweet without the icing. 

7. Circle Food Store Cinnamon – I went in for a mini but they were out so I had to buy a medium. And it’s delicious, lots of layers and good cinnamon flavor plus a really nice yeasty bite. 


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