King Cake 2017 – Week 3

8. Chez Pierre plain – a friend brought this to a book club meeting and I was very excited since I’ve never had this one before. Good dough and not too cinnamony. The icing had a gummy texture and I’m not sure why but it did hold the sugar on pretty well.

9. Chez Pierre cream cheese filled – what are the odds, 2 king cakes from the same bakery in one week. The cream cheese was more like a mix of cream cheese & Bavarian creme which made me like it more. It was sort of blobbed in a tube in the middle of the cake which isn’t my favorite so tore the cake apart and dipped in the filling. Problem solved. 

10. Whole Foods Chantilly berry filled – honest, I went in for fruit, but then they had king cake by the slice. Nice crunchy sugar but I really didn’t taste the Chantilly cream. Still good flavor and it hadn’t had time to get stale. 

* King Cake sugar cooking – how could I resist? This was on sale at my local Theo’s Pizza so I grabbed one as I bought my delicious Local Pro.


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