King Cake 2017 – Week 4

10 different king cakes in the first 3 weeks, plus a donut and a cookie. Perhaps I should go join a gym…

11. Rouse’s cream cheese filled – not a fan of this cream cheese and I feel like this is more of a giant cinnamon roll. Meh.

12. Gracious Bakery chocolate – I’m that person who helps themselves to king cake at other people’s houses. My cousin was raving about this one and there was very little left but I got a thin slice and the dough was a good and that chocolate, wow. Not sweet at all, more like chocolat in a French croissant.

13. Chez Ru Renee plain – more mooching. This was very similar to a Haydel’s. Very tasty.

14. La Louisiane pecan praline – same brand as cake 1 and again at work, but this time with filling. I approached with trepidation but I actually really liked the filling. It’s not overly sweet and has the crumbly texture of almond paste. A very rich cake



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