King Cake 2017 – week 5

As usually happens with a long king cake season, I think I’ve lost my place. I’m pretty sure I’m on

15. Haydel’s apple filled – apple filling is the one filling that I consistently like. Maybe because I have a high tolerance for canned apple. This one was moist and tasty and not too sweet despite the sugar and the filling (not too sweet is subjective of course).

But it might be higher. My aunt passed away on January 28th and her funeral was last Friday. Many people brought king cakes to the repast (meal after the funeral) at my uncle’s house. I eventually started shelving them until we had room. I don’t think I ate slice of others. But who knows…

16. Mckenzies traditional (baked by Tastee Donuts) – for many NOLA natives, this is THE king cake. The dough is a barely sweetened brioche with just a sugar on top, no icing. If you grew up with a more sugary cake, you do not understand this love. But! My coworker had her first piece this week and said she now understands the fervor and will go find one for her house. 

17. Monkey Monkey traditional – When a friend posted that this local coffee shop/bakery was making their own king cakes AND the baby is a monkey, I knew I needed one. The monkey is not baked in because he is rubber not plastic but I’m not complaining. The dough is soft and is cinnamon-y and…something else, mace or nutmeg. And the icing has a nice lemon flavor. 


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