King Cake 2017 – Week 6

Such a long season… and I’m still working on that Monkey Monkey king cake at home…

18.  Haydel’s traditional – While out shopping on Saturday morning, I had a slice at a local shop. The cake was fine… a little stale from sitting out on a counter. But it was free king cake while I bought more carnival themed t-shirts.

19. vegan unknown – Saturday night I was at a Krewe du Vieux party and when the king cakes arrived, the ravenous hordes descended. I sampled the vegan one because it was what was left. Good cinnamon flavor but a really dense & heavy dough.

20. homemade praline/fig – My coworker made a tasty cake with a praline filling…and when there wasn’t quite enough, he added fig preserves. A tasty cake and some of the praline filling ended up tasting like toffee!

21. Antoine’s cream cheese – sometimes it pays off to show up for meetings. There were 2 king cakes at my Tuesday afternoon meeting. The cream cheese was a big lump so I picked around it. Very professional. Very sweet dough but otherwise good flavor.

22-24. Hi Do all flavors – Oh wow! One of my coworkers got a little confused and brought next week’s cake early so we had 2 king cakes at work this week. Hi Do is one of my favorites because the dough isn’t overly sweet and it has no icing, only colored sugar. He brought the giant one with many of their fillings: cream cheese, bavarian cream, strawberry, blueberry, lemon. So delicious. So guess I’ll number this twice, I had the blueberry which was slightly tart and a perfect contrast to the buttery slightly sweet dough. And then a few hours later, I had the pineapple filled (the box didn’t list it but whatevs). This was a little sweeter but the filling was still tasty. And then I had a smidge of the Bavarian Cream…so yummy.


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