King Cake 2017 – Week 7

Such a long season… by the way that Monkey Monkey cake lasted over a week at my house and it was still tasty at +8 days…but yeah a little stale.

25. Party Palace apple filled – I’ve thought this king cake was a solid choice for a city-wide distributed version. But prices have gone up, with a plain costing $12 and a filled $16. The filling is almost nonexistent for an extra $4. Dough was fine but it’s sweeter than I like and I think it’s pricey for what it is now.

26-27. Bywater Bakery plain & apple filled – after the disappointment of the last apple filled this one was extra amazing. It was like full-on apple pie filling in a king cake, chunky and slightly crunchy. Delicious. And the dough was good too. The plain had a nice yeasty flavor and the not overly sweet with only a drizzle of icing and nice crunchy sugar.

28. NOCCA French style – oh wow. I had heard about this king cake and was lucky enought to find it at the uptown Langenstein’s. So buttery and tasty. It says that it has satsuma but that may be too subtle for me…or at least too subtle just after midnight and I had just consumed a couple of pounds of crawfish. Plus yay for students!

*kween cake – this was a fun throw from the Knights of Sparta. More like a pound cake than a king cake but tasty.


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