Happy 6th

I haven’t written anything about my anniversary of this space in a couple of years (July 2014 to be exact) but a conversation yesterday made me think that I might want to write something up this year.

I was sitting around with a friend who has started and killed a bunch of different blogs since I’ve known her (6 or 7 years?). Her blogs tend to be tightly focused on food, cocktails, fashion, dating, technology, what have you. She has many varied interests, but I think trying to keep her writing to one area is what caused each one to eventually die.

I know mine is a bit all over the map, but welcome to my brain. My art posts are consistent but art is a constant source of joy in my life. I was looking back at some of my poetry posts and maybe I should pick up one of the 3 books of poetry on my bedside table.

My life is very different from when I started, both easier and harder. And maybe I share a bit less than I used to.  But July continues to be a weirdly self-reflective month for me…which is how this whole thing got started.


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