Arty Tuesday: Skulls by Cezanne

Cezanne did many paintings that featured skulls. I couldn’t choose just one so enjoy a sampling.


Still life with skull, candle and book by Paul Cezanne (1866)


Still Life with Skull by Paul Cezanne (1898)



The Three Skulls by Paul Cezanne (c.1900)



Still life with three skulls by Paul Cezanne (c.1903)


Arty Tuesday: Skulls – da Vinci

I couldn’t really resist human skulls this month. And when an artist gets hold of a skull, it seems to be used again and again. How we can resist depicting this symbol of our own mortality.


View of a Skull by Leonardo da Vinci (c.1500)


View of a Skull by Leonardo da Vinci (c.1489)

Weirdly, since I work at a medical school, I see students wandering around with skulls in boxes every fall.

Arty Tuesday: 6 by Basquiat

If you’ve been paying attention, I do love the dynamism of Basquiat’s work and would love to live in a world where he lived longer to see where he would have gone with his art.


Six Crimee by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1982)

All the works this month were from the 20th century.
September themes previously were: pieces owned by NOMA (2012), sun (2013), fall leaves (2014), watermelon (2015), parrot (2016).