Arty Tuesday: Costume by Segal

I think I’d like to be at this party…


The Costume Party by George Segal (1972)


Photo post: costume fabrics

I was supposed to wear a costume to a party last Saturday night, but the rain defeated that ambition. Meanwhile I pulled a bunch of costumes out and thought the fabrics made a pretty kaleidoscope.
The white fabric is part of my senior high school prom; the jewel tone pattern was my grandmother’s favorite lounge/party outfit from the 70s; there’s a smidge of green at the top that’s my Kermit the frog scarf from this past Mardi Gras; top right is two different dashikis that are identical except one is white and one is navy; bottom right is a hideous black & red leopard print cocktail dress; and in the bottom middle is my Mom’s supermod 1960s day dress.

Conceptual Costumes

Vision in Purple 2010

We were talking the other night about costuming for Mardi Gras (or Halloween) and I mentioned that many of costumes are conceptual rather than concrete. In the last few years, I’ve been a Vision in Purple, the Spirit of Carnival, Show Me Da Money… you get the idea.

And even when I start with a concrete idea, like Pirate, it occasionally veers off into oddballville. The thought struck me today that I should blame Buffy. Ever since the episode where you became your Halloween costume perhaps I’ve been concerned that I’ll turn into a more concrete costume. Of course, I could always do what the characters did at a college Halloween party and dress as James Bond and God.

OK. I can’t really blame Buffy since I’ve been doing the random costume bits off and on for years. But it’s nice to geek out to Buffy episodes now and again.